silent observer, material manipulator, cemetery stroller, conduit of absurdist ideas.

My work is an ever-evolving collaboration of methods and materials that reflect my deep interest in science, nature, anatomy, and history. Having grown up with a basement full of taxidermied animals, mortality has become a pervasive theme in my thoughts and subsequently my work. Our bodies are not useless upon ceasing to live, but are rather transformed into artifacts of our age, much like a painting or a piece of literature. All bodies - animal, insect or otherwise - are beautiful, inside and out. They are immeasurable networks of working parts that contribute to the survival and well-being of their species. My art attempts to capture the essence of the corpus by experimenting with texture and materials most reflective of the overall spirit of the work and its driving concept.

Skyscapes interest me the most; the way clouds can create such a deep, dark gloom yet also be able to enlist the happiest of emotional responses. Our vast, expansive atmosphere creates endless combinations of meteorological phenomena, no two alike, which exhibit a power unmatched by any existing natural force. We who exist on this ever-evolving biosphere are at the mercy of the forces that drive its progress and I am only granted with the ability to capture it.

Also reflected in my work is the relationship of the surreal to the concrete: cats with human qualities, the five senses mounted as animal heads, green ooze raining from the sky. These pieces reflect all of the “what ifs” that surface in daytime reveries and nighttime dreamscapes. I find that the realm of the absurd and the macabre is the most enjoyable to explore as an artist, given that no significant limitations exist on what is produced. Creativity flourishes in the absence of bounds.



solo exhibitions

2013: Local Artist Series, Chicago, IL

2014: Metropolis Showcase, Chicago, IL

2014: Loyola University Chicago Alumni Showcase, Chicago, IL

2015: Loyola University Chicago Alumni Showcase, Chicago, IL



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